Brion & Eva's Wedding
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How We Met

   Yes…Eva was my intern (insert your own joke here). I remember getting the call from Betsy, the head of volunteer services saying that she has an intern who would like to work in my classroom for the Spring of 2004. Eva showed up to my classroom two days later looking a little sleepy (her cousin’s 21st birthday party was held the previous evening) but eager to help out with the kids. After throwing her to the wolves in my classroom and having her come out unscathed, I decided that she was a good fit for me; I mean for the class, and asked her join us for the new term.

   This is the point in the story where Kevin Pennington comes in to add his two cents. He was tired of having me as the third wheel in his relationship and therefore decided that it was to be his personal quest to bring Eva and I together.Thanks to the magic of Kevin’s matchmaking, Instant Messenger and Tim and Jenn’s wedding I lost my facial hair (she literally made me shave it off before she would kiss me), but I picked up a girl who likes watching Star Wars movies and the Mets. And despite every attempt from North West Airlines union strike to ruin my plans for the perfect proposal, Eva and I were engaged in August of 2005 and are currently living together with our Obsessive-Compulsive child, Wookie.

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