Kevin & Kristen's Wedding
Our invitations were one of the easiest parts of the wedding to plan. At the Fox Hollow they have an in-house service called Perfect Wedding Planner. Kristen and I arrived at slightly different times at the Fox Hollow on 01/05/2006 (of course I got out of work late). We finally met upstairs in the Fox Hollow where there were invitations, pictures of flowers, and wedding parting prizes all over the place along with two tables.

At the first table was Kristen and James - the BEST wedding planner anyone will ever find. We can't say enough good things about James. He is friendly, knowledgable and very easy to work with. He helped us pick out our wedding invitations in only one sitting (it also helped that one of the Scotto daughters just got married and we 'borrowed' some wording from her invitation). Below is a sample of our invitation.

Our Invitation